Text Me Tuesday – October 2, 2018

In this week’s Text Me Tuesday, we discuss Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, Jim Nill, and more.

In this week’s Text Me Tuesday, Brian and friends discuss Jason Spezza’s fit with Jim Montgomery, the Erik Karlsson trade, Jim Nill’s job security, and sandwiches.

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Alright, let’s read some texts …


Francois and Brian Discuss Erik Karlsson and the Central Division 

Francois: Where do you think we missed on the Karlsson trade?

Brian: I don’t think the Stars missed on the Erik Karlsson deal.  I wish he was in Dallas instead of San Jose but Miro Heiskanen is a more valuable asset in a hard cap league than Karlsson is right now.  Trading for EK makes it much easier to make the playoffs this year – and in turn for Jim Nill to keep his job – but Nill was right to protect the long-term outlook of the franchise by holding on to Heiskanen.

Francois: For sure.  I think this is a make or break year for the organization.  We’ve taken a lot of steps forward but I wonder how much runway Jim Nill has left.  If the Stars don’t make a playoff run this year, do we see a change in the front office next April?

Brian: I do think this is a make or break year for Jim Nill.  Tough to justify another non-playoff season with the type of talent the Stars have.  After chasing Karlsson and John Tavares in the off-season, I imagine we will try to acquire another impact player between now and the trade deadline.  That may decide the fate of the 2018-19 season for the Stars and the fate of Jim Nill moving forward.

Francois: How do you think we stack up against the likes of Nashville, St. Louis, and Winnipeg?

Brian: I don’t think the Stars are at the same level of the Jets or Predators.  Not yet, but that’s ok.  Just get into the playoffs and you have a shot.  A good goal for Dallas this year is to finish anywhere in the top eight.


Jeff, Blake, and Brian Discuss Jason Spezza, NHL Farm Teams, and Job Security 

Jeff: How do you think Spezza will be with Monty?

Brian: Well, it’s a much better fit than Hitch.  Spezza is older and slower now though; Monty likes to play fast.  I think if you put two strong wingers – let’s say Janmark and one of Radulov/Pitlick/Comeau – and you have the right defensive pairing – maybe Heiskanen and Johns – then you could survive one more season with Spezza as your No. 2 center.

Blake: Yeah I agree.  We might need someone better than Spezza.  Look at this Sporting News article on NHL farm systems.  Stars are 26th.

Jeff: Not surprised.  Like Brian has said, the drafting has been suspect.

Brian: This is what happens when you don’t respect the draft process.  Imagine where the Stars would be ranked if we didn’t get the gift of Heiskanen from the hockey gods.

Jeff: Nill better watch out.  Jim, do you like this gig?

Brian: No, that wasn’t the question.  Do you like your job?

Blake: Haha.  Well, 2017 looked good, but other than that it has been weak.

Brian: I do like how the Penguins have the worst farm system in hockey though.

Blake: That’s the best part!


Angel at the AAC and Brian Discuss Sandwiches 

Angel: BRoe!!!  Can’t wait to read our texts on your website one day.  It’s Angel by the way!

Brian: Hey!  Thanks for reading, Angel.  How are you?

Angel: Doing great!  I’m already in GO STARS mode and waiting for GO MAVS to start!  Will you put something about PB&J sandwiches in theroereport?

Editor’s Note – when Brian worked for the Dallas Stars and American Airlines Center, he would often bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner on game nights instead of eating the – let’s call it … questionable – food provided to employees. 

Brian: Ha, sure.  Sandwiches can appear in The Roe Report.  Any Stars questions?

Angel: Nope.  GO STARS!!!


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Brian Roe is the founder and head writer of The Roe Report.  He spent five years working for the Dallas Stars  and has been a contributor at Hockey’s Future, The Hockey Writers, NHL Intel, and more.  Follow Brian on Twitter @brianproe.