Five Suggestions for Game 5

Five suggestions ahead of Saturday afternoon’s game.

Apparently this will be a new tradition as long as the Stars continue winning in the playoffs.  Here are five suggestions ahead of Game 5.


1) Shoot High

… the scouting report on Nashville goaltender, Pekka Rinne, says you should shoot the puck high.  The Stars did a great job of this in Game 4 and chased Rinne in the first period.  Good things can happen when you elevate the puck on Rinne.


2) Neutralize the Rowdy Nashville Crowd 

… Bridgestone Arena can be the loudest building the league when the home team is buzzing.  It will be important for the Stars to limit the noise and excitement by dictating pace of play and not chasing the game.


3) Avoid the Temptation to Tinker

… I understand the coaching staff is hesitant to use Jason Spezza on the road because of the inability to get last change.  However, Spezza played well in Games 3 and 4 and really makes a difference in the faceoff circle and in the possession game.  Let’s not tinker with the lineup that had so much success in Game 4.


4) Stay Disciplined 

… the Predators have several players – namely Austin Watson and P.K. Subban – looking to bait opposing players into taking a penalty.  The Stars have done a decent job of staying disciplined in this series and that needs to continue in Game 5.


5) Get to 3 

… Yes, we’ve suggested this before but the results speak for themselves.  The Stars are close to unbeatable when they score three or more goals.  The Stars need to keep the pressure on and look to reach or exceed that magical three goal mark.



Brian Roe is the founder and head writer of The Roe Report.  He spent five years working for the Dallas Stars  and has been a contributor at Hockey’s Future, The Hockey Writers, NHL Intel, and more.  Follow Brian on Twitter @brianproe.